Hi there

I'm an Australian born writer, graphic & digital designer/developer, and fluent Italian speaker.

My career is split 60/40 across two very different skillsets.

Graphic/digital/interactive design and HTML5 banner animation is my day job. I enjoy it, I've been doing it a long time (13+ years), and it's safe to say I'm pretty good at it.

I have also been a writer forever (mostly comedy), but until I reach Larry David status it's not exactly funding my retirement. So I run my own publication empire called Pussweek which I created from scratch (pun intended). It began as a passion project, and with a lot of hard work I'm now an internationally published author, so I'm pretty excited about that.

I use most Adobe Creative Suite programs at expert level, and I'm a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. I create HTML5 ads with Adobe Animate, Google Web Designer, AdForm, Celtra, and more. For print design I use Adobe InDesign. I use Photoshop for retouching imagery, for digital design, sometimes for storyboarding, and also for fun. Illustrator is my go-to for... well... illustrating. To write code I prefer Sublime Text. To write copy, columns, and books I use Microsoft Word.

When I'm not writing or designing or animating, I like to travel, photograph stray food, avoid the sun, and take uninterrupted naps.

Adobe Animate100%

Adobe InDesign100%

Adobe Photoshop90%

Adobe Illustrator80%